Intelligent cleaning robots in Instagram

Free analysis of Instagram subscribers on all parameters

  • Analysis that allows you to clearly identify those who are currently subscribed to you
  • Daily account monitoring for complete control over promotion
  • Purging inactive audience and bots to increase engagement and outreach and hence the sales

What does?

Detailed analytics of Instagram followers shows:
  • Percentage of the gender of your subscribers
  • Percentage of inactive profiles that have not been active on own page or your page for more than one month
  • The number of business profiles that usually do not scroll through the Instagram feed
  • Those accounts that have more than 1,500 people in their subscriptions, which indicates the use of mass following
  • The number of private profiles
  • Number of mutual subscribers (you are subscribed to each other)
  • Percentage of foreign accounts (the language in the profile is not Russian)
Removing subscribers
Removal of subscribers includes:
  • Automatically delete the bots
  • Manual tuning removing subscribers selected parameters
  • Manual setting limits removal
Monitoring shows:
  • Subscriber traffic for the selected period
  • Engagement Indicators
  • Number of outgoing subscriptions on selected days
  • TOP posts by likes and comments
  • Summary table for all parameters

How increase sales


Analytics is needed both at the beginning of work in the InstaHero service, and at the end of advertising campaigns in the target and for bloggers. Garbage should be periodically taken out, and in order to know when to do this, it is necessary to analyze the audience. In general, it is enough to do this once a month. By the way, you can analyze a blogger before ordering ads from him.

You can analyze not only your account, but also donor competitors when you start mass-marketing or mass-following. High-quality donors are the key to successful account promotion.

Removing subscribers
Removing subscribers

Remove trash from subscribers! Removing subscribers will increase the engagement of your posts, the chances of getting into the recommended ones will increase, so will the reach.

More potential customers will find out about you - more people will buy your product! Do a spring cleaning on your Instagram!


When launching targeted advertising and ordering advertising from bloggers, it is important to clearly control the quality of the attracted audience, which allows monitoring. In addition, you can use it to understand what content is coming to your audience.

Who will the service suit?



Register in the service and get video instructions for launching



Get information about the number of non-targeted subscribers you have on the account, remove them, and increase the cost of advertising by going up your outreach and engagement

Business profile

Business profiles

A precise control of the target and increasing of outreach is the key to enhance the sales for the company or specialist's profile


SMM-managers and targetologists

Improving the quality of services is a great opportunity to increase the price of work. Give your customers only the best!

How to start using

Adding an account
Adding an account
Analyzing an account
Analyzing an account
Blocking bots
Blocking bots
Getting results
Getting results


from 99 rubles
per cheking
Cleaning bots
49 rubles
for 30 days on one account
99 rubles
for 30 days on one account

Service has extensive payment options:

Visa MasterCard Сбербанк Qiwi Яндекс.Деньги WebMoney

Result of service users

Krutova Maria
Krutova Maria
Made a first analysis, then cleaned and put monitoring)

Use a service, do first analysis, then cleaned and put monitoring) is shorter than all at once took, a cheap price! everything is clear and convenient. Most importantly, the information is much broader than the one that gives instagram, well and visually pleasing. forward to reporting, which promise to send telegrams.

Instagram account: @krutmaria
Milova Catherine
Milova Catherine
Shop knitted handmade bags
2 weeks + has an additional 2 sales a week!

Thank you very much for the service). guys are honest and good. sell bags, knitting itself, set cleaning and removing debris and bots and 2 weeks + has an additional 2 sales a week!

Instagram account: @viazannyesumki
Milov A. O.
Milov A. O.
Internet entrepreneur
Daily reports give a brief info, what you need

Service is really useful in the first place can make free subscribers analysis. Second, you can increase the reach of posts simply by removing debris and bots. I removed all the Arabs and Indians on the first day) and daily reports give a brief info, what you need.

Instagram account: @anatoly_milov
Yaromenko Mikhail
Yaromenko Mikhail
Blogger, a theater
ER rose, coverages grow, I became their subscribers shown more often

I tried a lot of different services. accidentally stumbled upon on the forum instahero, my surprise was great! instahero, simply one of the best services! then the analyst, tips on cleaning your account and complete monitoring of your account 24 hours. without thinking, I paid for all (with the words - and the price of a penny, if not sorry). Outcome: removed more than 6,000 subscribers - er rose, coverages grow, I became their subscribers show more often. I recommend 100%

Instagram account: @yaremenkoph

Partnership program

To earn money, attract new users to the Instahero service and get 20 percent of their expenses for life. A great start to a passive income!